Maeda ippoen Foundation owns approximately the 3800 hectares(9390 acres) of the forest around Lake Akan. This foundation has watched over and maintained Akan's magnificent natural splendor. Maeda Masana, the first owner of Maeda Ippoen, dedicated his life to advancing local industry. After he retired, he owned the land of Akan in 1906 and founded Maeda Ippoen. He loved the beautiful forest of Akan and often said, "There are the mountains to be viewed, not to be cut down". This same sympathy towards nature passed down to his son Shoji Maeda, and Shoji's wife Mitsuko Maeda, the second and third heads of the organization. The forest has been protected even against the high demand for wood during the war and deforestation during the period of rapid economic growth after the war. Although there was some logging in the Akan area prior to the foundation's founding, that destruction has since ceased, and the trees have been growing uninterrupted for the past 100 years.

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Walk in the Forest of "Light"
Content To enter the forest of Maeda Ippoen Foundation, you need a foundation-certified guide.
On this walk you can see an 800 year-old Katsura tree and a bubbling hot spring pool called Tezuka Pond. You can find various flowers here from spring to early summer, and many fungi in autumn.

Walking distance

2 to 7

Duration 2h
*including the tea break

Departure 10:00am / 2:00pm
Akan Nature Center
Outdoor wear, long sleeves are recommended, hiking shoes, hat
Water, anti bug spray, other items you'll need.
Notice This tour can be arranged for one person. Additional JPY3000 will be changed on your tour fee.
Tour participants need to be 6 years or older.
Scheduled tour will proceed in the event of light rain, but will be cancelled if there is bad weather.
@Meet to Akan Nature Center
AFill out application from and make a payment
BTransportation to the entrance of the forest by car (5min)
CBriefing about the walk and start

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